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Snub Pulleys

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Snub Pulleys

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd manufacture and supply snub pulleys throughout South Africa as well as internationally. A snub pulley is a conveyor pulley that is typically located at the end of a conveyor belt, where it changes direction or wraps around a pulley or object. The snub pulley is designed to provide greater traction or grip on the conveyor belt to prevent slippage and improve the overall performance and efficiency of the conveyor system.

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Snub Pulley Conveyor Systems

The snub pulley is typically used in combination with a head pulley and a tail pulley to help maintain tension on the conveyor belt and improve the overall operation of the system. By providing the additional grip on the belt, the snub pulley helps to prevent belt slippage and reduce the risk of damage or wear to the conveyor components. This makes the pulley a key in mining systems that require heavy load support and are more prone to wear and tear, tarnishing and frequent maintenance.

A slipping belt can pose a loss of production, down-time and also pose a potential safety risk for nearby employees. This pulley lowers the safety hazard to nearby employees and lessens the spillage probability caused by frequently worn pulley systems. In comparison to other pulleys, the key feature of a snub pulley is it’s life-span and ability to prolong heavy duty conveyor systems.

The benefits of a Snub Pulley

Improved efficiency:
By preventing belt slippage and ensuring proper tension on the conveyor belt, the snub pulley helps to improve the overall efficiency of the conveyor system, reducing energy consumption and increasing throughput.

Increased lifespan:
The use of a snub pulley can help extend the lifespan of the conveyor belt and other components by reducing the risk of damage or wear due to belt slippage.

Improved safety:
The use of a snub pulley can improve the safety of the conveyor system by reducing the risk of belt slippage, which can cause equipment damage or pose a safety hazard to workers.

High load Conveyor Systems

Snub pulleys are best suited for use in applications where the conveyor belt is subject to high loads, frequent direction changes, or high speeds. They are particularly useful in mining, quarrying, and material handling applications, where heavy materials are transported over long distances.

Compared to other pulleys, the snub pulley is superior because it is specifically designed to provide greater traction or grip on the conveyor belt. This helps to prevent belt slippage and improve the overall performance of the conveyor system. In addition, the snub pulley is a good asset to a conveyor system because it helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve safety by preventing equipment damage and reducing the risk of accidents.

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