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Pallet Wrapping Machines

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Pallet Wrapping

The CIS Pallet Wrapping Machine provides good protection, stablizes load and ensures tamperproof packaging. In addition to this the Pallet Wrapping Machine is cost efficient through increased productivity and pack utilization.

Stretchwrapping, streamlines palletised packaging, which saves time and cuts costs.

Pallet Wrapper Machine

CIS Pallet Wrapper & Handheld Pallet Wrapper Benefits

Stretchwrapping streamlines palletised packaging, saves time and cuts costs.

• Various sized film carriage for
  different  width of film

• Mast height can be varied
• Loading ramp for pallets
• High profile version available

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Stretchwrap Film

Stretchwrap wrapping film used in conjunction with our range or Rotorap Machines. This is a  high strength, light gauge wrapping film.

Handheld Wrapper, ideally suited to low volume palletisers.

A Low volume, cost effective method of securing goods stacked on pallets using stretch film is available for even the smallest operation. The amazing, simple, low cost, no-power method using hand held CIS Handwrapper and stretch film is ideally suited to low volume palletisers who cannot justify the expenses of a stretchwrapping machine. The operator simply walks around the pallet, dispensing the film around the goods.

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