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Impact Idlers

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Impact Idlers

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd manufacture and supply Impact Idlers throughout South Africa as well as internationally.

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Impact Idlers in Conveyor Systems

An impact idler is a type of conveyor idler that is designed to absorb the impact of heavy loads or shock loads. Unlike standard idlers, which simply support the weight of the conveyor belt and the materials being conveyed, impact idlers have rubber rings or cushions that absorb the shock and reduce the amount of damage to the conveyor belt.

Impact idlers differ from other idlers in that they have rubber discs or cushions that provide a shock-absorbing function. They are considered superior to other idlers because they help to reduce belt damage and prolong the life of the conveyor system.

There are different types of chemical finishes used on impact idlers to improve their performance and increase their lifespan.

Impact idlers are mainly used in conveyor systems that handle heavy or sharp-edged materials, such as those found in mining, quarries, and cement plants. They are particularly suitable for use in applications where there is a risk of belt damage due to impact, such as at transfer points or loading and unloading areas.

Some of the factors that make impact idlers a good choice for conveyor systems include their ability to absorb shock and reduce belt damage, their improved belt support, and their reduced maintenance requirements. Impact idlers can also help to reduce the risk of downtime due to belt damage or failure, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Impact idlers are best suited for conveyor systems with an incline or decline angle of less than 20 degrees. They work with the conveyor belt by providing a cushioning effect that absorbs the impact of heavy or sharp-edged materials. The rubber discs or cushions on the impact idlers help to reduce the amount of damage to the conveyor belt, improving the overall performance and lifespan of the conveyor system.

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