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Drive Pulleys

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Drive Pulleys

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd manufacture durable, high quality drive and non-drive pulleys. A drive pulley is a type of conveyor belt pulley that is used to drive the belt, providing power and torque to transport materials along the conveyor system. The drive pulley is typically located at the discharge end of the conveyor and is driven by an electric motor, gear reducer, or other power source. Contact us for any other queries you may have.

The drive pulley is commonly used in a wide range of industries, including mining, quarrying, material handling, and manufacturing. It is used to move bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand, gravel, and other heavy-duty products. The drive pulley is best suited for environments that require heavy-duty performance, where high loads and frequent use are common. It is commonly used in harsh environments, such as mines, quarries, and heavy-duty manufacturing facilities, where the conveyor system is subject to high levels of stress and wear.

The drive pulley is superior to other pulleys because it provides the necessary power and torque to move heavy materials along the conveyor system. It is designed to withstand high loads and provide reliable, efficient performance in demanding environments. The drive pulley is typically larger than a non-drive pulley, allowing it to handle more torque and power. The drive pulley is best suited for use with heavy-duty materials such as coal, ore, and other bulk materials that require a high degree of torque and power to transport. The materials being transported can also impact the selection of the drive pulley, as heavier materials will require a larger drive pulley to handle the increased load.

Drive Pulleys vs Non-drive Pulleys

The difference between a drive pulley and a non-drive pulley is that a drive pulley is connected to a power source, such as an electric motor, while a non-drive pulley is not connected to any power source. A non-drive pulley is typically used to redirect the belt or maintain tension, and is often smaller in size than a drive pulley. While both types of pulleys are important components of a conveyor system, the drive pulley is the main power source that drives the belt and moves the materials along the conveyor.

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