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High quality manufacturing and repairing a wide range of conveyor pulleys including All CIS Pulleys are manufactured in accordance with SANS 1669 specifications. We offer various lagging options in addition to Pulleys & Pulley repairs.

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CIS has the capability of manufacturing just about any size conveyor pulley to suit all belt sizes.  Furthermore, all pulleys are manufactured to the highest standard and material. We comply with SANS 1669 specifications. Welding of endplates is also done with our inhouse Sub Arc welding machine. As a result, this ensures maximum penetration.  CIS Pulley shells and components are all rolled and manufacturerd in-house. So in addition, pulley faces are skimmed. Skimming takes place before the lagging process in order to eliminate any runout and also assist with balancing.

Above all, our engineering department will gladly offer their assistance to clients. Whether it’s with regards to the design, calculations needed or with new conveyors. We offer trouble shooting for problematic pulley failures.


  • Turbine pulleys
  • T-Bottom pulleys
  • Oil filled pulleys
  • Grease filled pulleys
  • Spiral pulleys
  • Slatted or Bar type pulleys
  • Motorised pulleys


We specialise in Pulley repairs as another huge cost saving exercise for major mining sectors in South Africa. We take in old pulleys a daily basis, where each pulley is inspected thoroughly for any defects. Eliminating things such as cracking or wear and tear because of age or possible damage. Furthermore, our engineering department inspects the pulley. They then inspect as well as quote on the repair. Also, another benefit to “repairing” a pulley is due to damage. Costing between 50-60% of the purchase price of a new pulley. Turnaround time with CIS will also be shorter than ordering a new pulley from scratch.

All repaired pulleys come with a one-year manufacturing default warranty as a standard.

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