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Conveyor Gearbox Drive Units

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Conveyor Gearbox Drive Units

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies (Pty) Ltd manufacture, supply refurbish and repair Conveyor Gearbox Drive Units throughout South Africa as well as internationally.

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Drive Units in Conveyor Systems

A conveyor drive unit is a motor and gearbox assembly that drives a conveyor system, providing the necessary power to move materials along the conveyor. The drive unit can be located at the end or in the middle of the conveyor system, depending on the specific application. The drive unit operates by using an electric motor to turn a gearbox, which in turn drives the pulley or sprocket that moves the conveyor belt. The speed and torque of the motor can be adjusted to control the speed and throughput of the conveyor.

Conveyor drive units are typically used in heavy-duty applications where high torque and high speed are required, such as in mining, quarrying, or bulk material handling operations. They are also well-suited for applications where the conveyor must operate continuously over long periods of time without interruption. One of the main benefits of a conveyor drive unit is that it provides reliable and efficient power to the conveyor system. The motor and gearbox are designed to work together to produce the required torque and speed, ensuring smooth and consistent operation of the conveyor.

In addition, drive units are often equipped with features such as overload protection, which can help prevent damage to the motor or gearbox in the event of a jam or overload. They may also include cooling fans or other mechanisms to help dissipate heat and prolong the life of the motor and gearbox.

Overall, a conveyor drive unit is an essential component of many conveyor systems, providing the necessary power and control to move materials efficiently and reliably.

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