CIS supply Conveyor Belting in various sizes and have a vast variety of Conveyor Belting that you may require.  All our conveyor belting meets all the National and International standards, up to and including 3200 mm wide Conveyor Belts.

CIS Conveyors & Industrial supplies are manufacturers of a wide range of custom Conveyor belts to suit your specific requirements. We specialise in belting and conveyor systems with the highest quality materials. We are SANCERT and CMA Certified. Contact us for any other queries you may have.

Above: A roll of Conveyor belt supplied and manufactured by CIS.

Conveyor Belt specifications:

We supply Conveyors belts up to 3200 mm wide.

Conveyor & Industrial supplies offer you the best quality Conveyor Belts at affordable rates. Each Conveyor belt size varies depending on your specific requirement. We are SANCERT and CMA Certified with the highest quality material and supplies. Not only are our belting and equipment rated one of the best, our belting offers speicialised cover compounds, such as acid, oil and resins etc as well as heat resistant solutions for our belting systems. We also give you access to 24 Hour Field Service support.

Alongside our Conveyor Belts, we also manufacture Pulleys, Idlers Gearboxes, HDPE Idlers, Pallet Wrapping Machines & Equipment and more.


  • All Plied Rubber Conveyors Including; N And M Covers
  • Heat Resistant belts up to 250 deg. C.
  • Flame Retardant
  • High quality Abrasive Covers
  • All Specialised Cover Compounds such as Acid, Oil, Resins and more.
  • Steelcord
  • All PVC Conveyors
  • Aramid Fibre Belting
  • Profiled and all specialised Belting.

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