For the past 37 Years the team at CIS has supplied hundreds of mines across Africa with conveyor systems  that sort and move large quantities of material fast within budget and on time.

Conveyor Systems

Moving Large Quantities of Material Fast

Conveyor Belting – Pulleys – Conveyor  Idlers – Gear boxes

Products and Services

C.I.S has 6 technical divisions which are managed by qualified professionals constantly striving towards increased quality and product innovation.

Pulley Manufacturing Repairs 1
Conveyor Belting 11
Conveyor Idlers 12
  • Manufacturing

    C.I.S is able to manufacture 2.5m pulleys suitable for all belt widths. Our standard manufacturing practise when welding end plates to shells is to use submersible arc welding to ensure maximum penetration; in addition to which a minimum of 2mm is skimmed off the face to eliminate run out.

    Our engineering division to ensure pulley information meets with SANS specifications. Our engineering division is also on hand to assist our customers with with full pulley designs etc.

    We Manufacture  a wide range of pulleys in accordance to SANS 1669 specifications including:

    • Turbine,
    • T top,
    • grease filled,
    • oil filled,
    • spiral pulleys
    • and more

    We offer various lagging options including:

    • ceramic tiled,
    • ceramic paste,
    • hot vulcanised
    • rubber lagging
    • and more


    As most worn pulleys can be repaired to their original state, C.I.S is fully equipped to repair and refurbish all makes of pulleys. All repairs include a one year manufacturing default warranty.

  • C.I.S supply a full range of multi ply and steel cord conveyor belting for all applications and we are able to supply specialised belting including belting with sidewalls and cleats, elevator conveyors complete with steel or polyurethane buckets etc.

    In addition to this, C.I.S is able to supply a unique mechanical rip stop in the form of transverse wires which are imbedded in the belt. The transverse wire is a galvanised steel cord that runs the width of the belt ranging from 1.5mm to 2.5mm thick with a pitch of 6mm to 14mm depending on the class of belt.

    These cords run the full width of the belt which provides the advantage of good impact and reduces tears caused by external forces.

    Our Quality Promise

    As importers and distributors of belting, C.I.S’ Belting division has sourced a world class belting manufacturing group who manufacture our belts in accordance with:

    • R.M.A – Rubber Manufactures of America
    • J.I.S.K – Japanese
    • D.I.N – German
    • B.S. – British
    • A.S. – Australian
    • M.A.H.S. – United States of America
    • S.A.N.S – South African National standards.
  • C.I.S’ Conveyor Idlers Manufacturing division has the capacity to manufacture a wide variety of Idlers, Frames, Stools (H Frames) and Stringers in accordance to SANS 1313 specifications, in addition to which our unique bearing housing has proven to be both reliable and robust in operation.

    One key feature is the large flinger which gives the roller the advantage in areas with spillage.

    It has been noted that C.I.S’ roller has reduced customer idler consumption by 40% in one year.

    Our standard idler roller consists of:

    • SANS 3.8mm thick wall conveyor idler steel tube.
    • Glass filled nylon bearing housing and triple lip flinger.
    • 6205 rubber sealed for life bearing with a C3 clearance.
    • Conveyor idler steel shaft.
    • Red oxide coating to minimise rust.
  • After working closely with a respected chemical engineer, CIS has found an HDPE formula that really works. The formula we have come up with is locally made and is of a virgin material.

    We have also added a five-year UV stabiliser as well as an anti-static product which reduces the static build-up you would normally find in standard HDPE rollers.

    Our HDPE roller has been put to the test for over two years in the harshest of conditions, with amazing results that keep our clients coming back to us for this amazing roller.

    CIS are serious about product development and we are constantly researching ways to better our products and range. In fact, we are in the process of researching another formula for HDPE but we can’t give away too much right now!

    The Benefits of our HDPE Rollers:

    • Non-corrosive
    • Lasts much longer than standard steel roller
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Lightweight, reduces start-up costs
    • Recyclable
    • Quieter operation
    • 5-Year UV stabiliser
    • Reduced static compared to standard HDPE roller
    • Sealed-for-life bearing with Polyamide cage, which reduces friction and heat thereby extending the life of the bearing
    • Anti-seize bearing housing with static face, works very well in high-spillage areas(See Picture to the left)
    • HDPE rollers will not damage your conveyor belt
Gearbox Manufacturing and Repairs 12
CNC Machining and Milling 12
Stretch Wrap Machines 12
  • Manufacturing

    Our capabilities stretch beyond the everyday repairs and manufacturing of speed reducers. C.I.S offers a proud range of bevel helical reducers from 22kw to 315kw, all reducers are designed and manufactured in-house and are available with the lantern housing or base plate type arrangement, along with a fluid drive and electric motor of your choice. C.I.S have more than 20 years of expertise in the manufacturing of bevel helical speed reducers and have supplied units to the local and international mining industry.

    C.I.S specialise in change over modifications from hollow shaft mounted arrangements to the bikon rigid coupling assembly. The rigid coupling assures a faster and more efficient unit exchange were either the gearbox or pulley has failed, drastically reducing down-time and product losses.


    Drive units sent to C.I.S for repair will be completely stripped down; all the parts are then carefully inspected to determine the reason for possible failure. A detailed quote will follow stipulating the necessary parts needed for the repair as well as the pricing, delivery and warranty periods. Our repairs cover many manufactures i.e. Fenner, SEW, Flender, David Brown, Weserhutte Mixtec, Bauer, Hansen and Renold Croft.

  • Our CNC Machining and Milling division is constantly expanding and keeping abreast of the latest in technological trends and boasts ten machines dedicated to manufacturing various parts for the gearbox, pulley and idler divisions as well as high volume general engineering.

  • This is a must for the packaging industry as these machines and all accompanying mechanical components are manufactured in C.I.S’ workshop. Our stretch wrap machines have become very popular within various industries including: Farming, Bottling, Printing, Chemical etc.

    Key Features Of The Machine:

    • Pre Stretch Dispenser (provides you with tighter wraps using less plastic)
    • Banner Eye (Automatic reading of product height
    • Variable Speed Drive (pre setting of the top speed as well as the ramp up time)
    • Hard Wire Electric Panel (380v panel built for reliability)
    • Turn Table (1.5m diameter to handle standard pallet sizes, supported by 26 bearings with a weight capacity of 2.5 tons)
  • CIS manufactures specialised design headgear that has the ability to swivel which reduces spillage.

Conveyor & Industrial Supplies

Established in 1982, Conveyor and Industrial supplies (C.I.S) have been servicing the mining industry for three decades, specialising in the manufacturing and supply of conveyor mechanicals. Over the years our clients have come to depend on our product quality and affordability as well as our manufacturing turn-around-times.

C.I.S’ buying team focuses on the procurement of quality raw materials to ensure end product quality and durability, whilst our team of experienced sales representatives ensure absolute client satisfaction.

C.I.S (Conveyor and Industrial Supplies) have 6 technical divisions which are managed by qualified professionals constantly striving towards increased quality and product innovation.


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